Luxury Vitality Memory Foam Mattress in 4 Sizes


  • Enjoy a deeper sleep on a mattress that’s much more supportive for your body than most. 
  • This luxury mattress is made with the latest in smart fabrics and materials.
  • Padded underside with interlaced 3D fabric make it highly breathable.
  • Single 90 x 190cm
  • Double 135 x 190cm 
  • King Size 150 x 200cm
  • Super King 180 x 200cm


  • Height 22cm
  • Special system memory foam 3 cm high density super soft tissue.
  • Double top face with Flow-Fresh system
  • HR high density core of highly breathable, made with natural components.
  • Stretch high quality fabric with anti microbial technology.
  • Eliminates heat buildup as the air circulates freely inside through the porous composition of the tissue.
  • Padded underside with interlaced 3D three-dimensional fabric highly breathable and moisture.
  • Diamonds embroidered finished mattress sides and high breathability.
  • Reinforced perimeter edging closed smooth high strength.
  • Padded underside with interlaced 3D three-dimensional fabric highly breathable and moisture.
  • The anti microbial technology remains in the mattress avoiding diseases that could make you such microbes and bacteria and microbial mutation.
  • Also effectively it protects from microbes, bacteria, fungi etc, and has been tested live in hospital environments with excellent results.
  • Manufactured in Spain
  • Sent vacuum packed for easy transport

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  • Order today and you should receive your item between Monday 3rd Dec - Friday 7th Dec.

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