TreatTicket - Terms and Conditions for merchants

  • Communitise Limited (TreatTicket) and the Merchant will agree the precise nature of the goods or services sold or supplied by the Merchant that will be promoted and sold by TreatTicket (Treat).
  • TreatTicket will advertise and sell the Treat that will be sold and purchased on the TreatTicket website by way of vouchers (Treat Vouchers).
  • TreatTicket will decide on when the Treat is offered for sale on its website.
  • TreatTicket will be entitled to an agreed commission in relation to all sales of Treats as payment for the service of advertising and selling the Treats.
  • Merchant will be fully responsible and liable for the provision of the Treat to the customer in the usual way.
  • TreatTicket will notify the Merchant of all sales of Treat Vouchers. Merchant will notify TreatTicket, and will claim payment in respect of, all Treat Vouchers redeemed by customers through the TreatTicket website.
  • Payment will be made by TreatTicket to the Merchant twice monthly, five business days after the 14th and 28th day of each month for any Treat Vouchers that have been notified as redeemed by the Merchant on the TreatTicket website.
  • Merchant grants to TreatTicket a non-exclusive worldwide licence and right to use the Merchant's name, logo and any trademarks in connection with the marketing, promotion sale or distribution of Treat Vouchers.
  • Merchant agrees and acknowledges that TreatTicket owns all rights, title and interest in the TreatTicket website, TreatTicket trademarks, and any software, technology or tools used by TreatTicket to promote, market, sell, generate or distribute the Treat Vouchers.
  • The terms of this agreement are confidential and the Merchant agrees not to disclose the terms of this agreement to any party.
  • Merchant will comply with any loyalty schemes or gift card schemes conducted by TreatTicket and notified to the Merchant from time to time.

How It Works

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